Not On Earth | AMEBA PARKFEST 2019
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About This Project

//Client: AMEBA – Associació de Música Electrònica de Barcelona.
//Project: AMEBA PARKFEST 2019 (Festival). The festival includes electronic music shows, street art performances, workshops and other activities for kids.
//Artwork application: Illustration / graphic design / web design / motion graphics / signage and many other communication stuff as well as video-recording, edition and final arts.
//Concept: The artwork’s concept runs about the ancient China. Using the metaphor about the tiger & the dragon as the symbols of Yin-yang.

All artwork directed, illustrated and designed by me.

Graphic design for line-up presentation on social networks. 
Also changing the colours of the illustration to present the after-party at Nitsa Club – Sala Apolo.
Graphic design for other activities inside the festival. 
Signage graphic design. 
Merch graphic design. 
Also I’ve recorded all videos during the festival, video-edition, and post-production of the final artwork including all stop-motion graphics that I’ve made for the line-up presentation.
1st video: Line-up presentation.
2nd video: After video. 
Me having an interview 🙂