Not On Earth | ABOUT
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  • Elisava. Advertising Design degree.

  • Eina School of Art & Design. Visual creation & graphic design degree.

  • Not On Earth. Begin my own musical project. Based on creative thought that music let us imagine and recreate beside worlds and other realities in our minds trough arts.

  • Telefonica Digital (Research & Development). Leading the visual direction of many research & innovation projects.

  • Sonar Festival (Advanced Music). Design support & leading the visual redesign of situational maps for new festival emplacement at Sonar Day & Night.

  • elBulliLab. Working with Ferran Adrià as a visual director since the first steps of his creative project called elBulliLab. Leading creative view & visual support to all intrapeneurship projects of the platform, as Sapiens and many more. Ferran gave me the wings to have ambitions.

  • Enterpreneurship. Founding with partners some cultural projects as AMEBA (Associació de Música Electrònica de Barcelona), Shi and many creative ones.

  • Design teacher. Working as a graphic design teacher at many art & multimedia schools.

  • AMEBA. Founder & art director of the Association for Electronic Music in Barcelona. Establishing the visual pathway of the social brand. 

  • Creative audit. Taking some time to audit myself and all my own work.

  • Today. I need to take risks in my professional life. Hi! You’re welcome. 

  • Contact me.